Last night I came across some interesting information that I wanted to share. It’s the presidential rankings of every United States President so far and they are ranked from 1-42.

You can see the best president ever, which is apparently Abraham Lincoln, and the worst president ever, which is apparently James Buchanan.

Here are the top ten best presidents ever:

1) Abraham Lincoln
2) George Washington
3) Franklin D. Roosevelt
4) Theodore Roosevelt
5) Harry S. Truman
6) John F. Kennedy
7) Thomas Jefferson
8) Dwight D. Eisenhower
9) Woodrow Wilson
10) Ronald Reagan

Here are the top ten worst presidents ever:

42) James Buchanan – Biggest loser!
41) Andrew Johnson
40) Franklin D. Pierce
39) William Henry Harrison
38) Warren G. Harding
37) Millard Fillmore
36) George W. Bush
35) John Tyler
34) Herbert Hoover
33) Rutherford B. Hayes

You can see the full presidential rankings here.

I thought this information was very interesting and thought maybe you would also like to know the presidential rankings too. Do you agree with the list? Who would you say is the worst president ever? How about the best president ever?

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