Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself, “How many people have my name?” If you have ever wanted to know how many people have your name then you are in luck because there are at least two websites that will tell you that information in a matter of seconds. I can’t be sure how accurate they are but they can at least give you some estimate of how popular or unpopular your name is.

Here are two sites that will answer the question of how many people have my name for you…

How Many of Me – Tells you how many people have your first or last name, or both, and some statistics about your name. They also have lists of famous names for you to check out.

Name Statistics – Gives a list of the most common first and last names as well as search function that allows you to see how many people have your name.

They both gave me a different number for how many people have my name but they were both in the same general ball-park, so it does give me a good idea of how popular my name is.

Give it a try!