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I know a lot of people who are having trouble losing the fat that they should get rid of. Honestly it is a health risk to be carrying around a lot of overweight, and in my opinion you should make a sound choice whether you even use supplements and a diet to get to your ideal weight, rather than just stay obese. You might even try to use a hoodia patch to control your appetite and help with your weight loss project since they have been found to be quite effective in the past few years.

Why do they work?

The biggest problem that overweight people have is they can’t control their eating. When you have cravings for sugary foods you are very likely to overestimate your appetite, and your portion size will drastically grow. When you are really hungry and have cravings you will almost certainly double your portion size, and when you go hungry during the day, that means you will get quite a few too large meals in you. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that has been shown to reduce appetite, and especially cravings, which helps the dieter to control their portions. It is one of the most effective appetite suppressant supplements out there, and when it comes to herbal weight loss, it is definitely on of the most potent substances out there.

Besides just the Hoodia patch, there are hoodia capsules, and hoodia pills. These usually have more Hoodia Gordonii in them as the gastric system will destroy some of it, and the liver will get rid of some during the first pass. This is why you should not get alarmed if the patches seem to have less of the active ingredients in them – they are still more effective. It is like using an IV almost.

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If you’ve ever wondered about those apparently magical weight loss supplements that claim to help you to lose a certain amount of weight in an unbelievably short space of time, then here’s another one to wonder about. This particular pill was marketed as an all-natural supplement containing a bunch of allegedly effective ingredients that have the power to help you lose an amazing 10 pounds in only 10 days.

Is this really possible, or are the general public having their collective chains yanked again?

Well, the truth is that these claims for this low cost dietary aid will lose you 10 pounds in just 10 days are not really so outrageous when you weigh up the odds and work the numbers. Here’s why.

Chances are, the predominant majority of people who are going to use this kind of supplement are those that are grossly overweight or obese. That’s because folks that are only a few pounds overweight will be more inclined to make slight adjustments to their diet to achieve a slow but measurable level of weight loss.

When a person is a lot overweight, then anything they do to lose some in the first week or two is highly likely to result in a rapid and substantial reduction. After that, the rate of weight lost slows down.

So anyone in that category who takes such a pill to shed pounds is more probably going to lose several quite easily and do it within the first 2 weeks. If they accredit that apparently amazing loss to the supplement, then the manufacturers get to keep up their stats and can legitimately claim they can do what they say they can do!

As to its real effects, these are only very mild in reality. Although when combined with a healthy, low calorie diet and some exercise, they can help the process along some. They are certainly better than nothing and because they are all-natural without any harmful drugs, they don’t produce any side-effects, so they are pretty safe for just about anyone to try.

So if you have a hankering for some weight loss aid in the form of a natural and safe supplement, by all means try one of the better ones and see for yourself. It doesn’t even cost all that much relatively, so you won’t be out of pocket even if you try it and only lose a few pounds instead of the 10 in 10 as claimed.

Of course there are other alternatives to artificially slimming your body a little if you only want to look a little slimmer immediately without waiting for a diet to do its thing. That’s to try wearing shapewear beneath your clothes.

This only works if you are a little overweight to begin with as it can dramatically drop your dress size or two while you remain comfortable for the day.

At the end of the day, that’s not a bad result of you get it and probably worth the small layout in cash to see for yourself how good or otherwise certain dietary aid pills really are. Just look at all the options before making your decision.

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The festive season is almost upon us and if you haven’t put up your decorations or your tree yet, then now is probably a good time to get started. Its also pretty important if you haven’t checked the state of your tree, if you have been using an artificial one for the last few years because they do tend to get a little worn over time.

Maybe its time for a new tree but then you have to decide if you want a regular green, realistic looking tree or you are in the mood for something a little different, like maybe on of those great unique artificial Christmas trees that you may have seen in the catalogs or online. That’s assuming that you want to be a little different for a change.


What makes these trees unique? Well, you can get them in some pretty strange looking formats, such as upside down trees that have the thin pointy part at the bottom (you have to see one to believe it). Or you can get half and quarter trees for putting up against a wall or in a corner if you are pressed for space in a small apartment for instance. Or you can get nice topiary shapes, or straight up trees that look more like poles, or crosses or pretty much whatever your imagination can run to.

Then there are the different colored trees that really make an impression with your guests, especially the black trees that look really cool with some red or blue lights. Stunning! Or you can go for thin white trees that look like snow covered pines in a beautiful winter wonderland, or opt for a stunning, in your face red tree if that is what floats your boat.

Be Different from the Crowd!

The whole idea of getting a unique Christmas tree is so that you can be different from the rest of your neighbors and give them all something to talk about over their eggnog and pies. After all, its fun to get a stunned response from your guests this time of the year, especially if they are expecting you to be predictable and have a regular tree.

That’s when the real fun starts because its quite amusing to see the look on people’s faces when they walk in expecting to see a beautifully decorated realistic looking tree. Only to be faced with a bright purple swirly thing that leers towards them with a playful shine thanks to hundreds of cute LED lights and a cheeky looking fairy stuck on the top!

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