For anyone who is keen to learn how to avoid a speeding ticket legally and safely, this article is a must read! You can find out how and be surprised at what you will discover here.

Well it doesn’t take a load of brain power to figure out that the easiest and safest way to avoid getting a speeding ticket when you are out driving is to stay within the speed limit for the street you are driving along. If everybody did that, then there wouldn’t be such a need for traffic police and speed traps in the first place.

But human nature being what it is and automobiles equipped with gas pedals, it is inevitable that many drivers will exceed the speed limits at one time or another. And it is almost a sure thing that there will be a well placed police speed trap set up along the way to catch them.

So what can you do if you are exceeding the limit and you’re soon to be in the firing line of a police radar speed detector? This may surprise you some, but it’s a nice surprise!

The next most effective way of avoiding a speeding ticket if you do have a tendency to creep above the speed limit is to get a GPS speed trap locator. This is a device that will at least warn you of a speed trap ahead before you get caught in the radar’s sights so you can slow down and keep under the limit.

The great thing about these devices is that they are perfectly legal!

Not only do they give you fair warning of impending police traps, but they also warn drivers of other hazards up ahead, such as school zones (where speed limits suddenly drop to maintain safety and reduce accidents) as well as red light cameras that catch the unwary driver who skips the odd red light. When used the way they were meant, as a safety device, then they have a lot of great uses and are well worth the price, especially if they save you getting even one ticket!