There are many great reasons to welcome the summer months, not least of those being that you will be able to spend more time out doors enjoying the sunshine and warmth and generally getting more fresh air than you do during the cold winter months. It means spending time in the pool or at the beach, vacations and barbecues on the patio that can go on into the night because it stays warm and dry.

If there is a downside to the summer heat it is in not being able to escape from it by simply going indoors unless you have some kind of air cooling system installed. But what if you don’t and you can’t afford to have a large, expensive air conditioning system installed in your home?

The prospect of spending nights laying awake sweating in bed because it is too hot to sleep and not being able to get comfortable on the couch in the evening because you are hot and sticky is not a welcome one. So what is a cost effective yet viable solution?

Well, you don’t need to install a full air conditioning system in your home to stay cool. You can get by with a smaller ventless portable air conditioner that you can put in any room that you are occupying to stay cool and wheel it into the next room as you go. These units are a fraction of the cost of buying fixed units and the beauty of them is that you do not need to have them hooked up to an external venting unit.

They come with their own heat extractor hose that you can either connect to an existing external extractor fan or simply dangle it out a convenient small window. You only then need to seal the opening with some plastic film and your room will chill down in no time.

The great thing about a portable air conditioning unit is that apart from saving money on a lower purchase price, you will also save money on power bills because these units use a lot less power to run than larger whole home systems. So by opting for a portable room air conditioning unit, you are not only saving money but also doing your bit to help the environment by using less power.

That is a nice feeling when you are sitting on your couch reading a book in comfort in a nice cool room thanks to your portable cooler!