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Over the last decade the enormous rise in popularity of video-based music sharing websites has fueled a major change in the way we access great music. While the best radio stations still command huge audiences and play a wide variety of good music, the sheer entertaining audio/visual mix of music videos on places like Youtube has won over a huge new audience.

The attraction of Internet music video sites is not only limited to watching and listening to musical videos. It has grown to include visual tutorials for just about any subject you care to name.

Online Teaching Video

But probably one of the greatest benefits to come from this new media phenomenon is the proliferation of tutorial videos that teach various aspects of musicianship and vocal ability. You can learn a lot from sites like that provide a window into the best of the online singing and music lessons.

So how dies this affect up and coming talent looking for ways to learn new skills and techniques?

The answer is that for the beginner and those new to this area of media, there is a fabulous wealth of online tutorials that are free for the taking. In many cases these tutorials are produced by professional coaches as introductions to their own full paid course programs.

For the more experienced musician or vocalist looking for handy tips and tricks, there are still many to be found in this way. It takes a bit more digging around to find the gems among the many introductory or entry level productions that are daily being added in their hundreds.

Paid Learning Programs

Often the best course of action is to seek out the top paid courses designed especially for the more experienced people. While they may work out to be more expensive with regards their price ticket, they can actually save a lot of time searching around for free stuff.

And time equates to money! This is especially so when the time spent in searching around the place for those rare nuggets of gold can be better spent in simply watching and learning from a professional course that was paid for and downloaded right there and then, instead of say a free youtube video.

So if you are looking at ways to increase your own knowledge, improve on your already learned skills and techniques or just obtain a better understanding of the musical area of expertise that you are working in, it usually pays to spend some money up front in order to save time overall.

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Haier PBFS21EDBP Refrigerator The Haier PBFS21EDBP refrigerator is quickly becoming very popular and a top seller in the fridge market. And it’s easy to see why. This thing is a beast with just about everything you could want in a refrigerator, or a large kitchen appliance of any kind. It is 20.6 cubic feet counter depth french door bottom mount that aligns perfectly with your surrounding cabinets, which brings a classic style and appealing order to your kitchen.

The Haier organizational options provide flexibility to fit both your kitchen and your lifestyle. The french door design puts groceries at eye level and conserves energy because you only need to open one side to get the item you want. The easy access freezer drawers store frozen meats in the large lower drawer, while vegetables, desserts and the ice maker are conveniently located in the upper drawer. There’s also a very cool and convenient filtered water system located on the top door. It comes in stainless steel or white.

If you are in the market for a new refrigerator then I strongly encourage you to consider the Haier PBFS21EDBP among your top choices.

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I just finished my first tub of BSN NO-Xplode and here is my review of it so far…

First of all, let me say that I am no rookie to weight lifting or to supplements. I started lifting weights when I was in Junior High School, which is coming up on 25 years, and I bought my first supplement just a few years later, so probably about 20 years ago. That was before Creatine even became popular!

Anyway, I wanted to clear that up in case you were wondering if this NO-Xplode review is from a seasoned veteran or a rookie.

Here are a few of the things I experienced while taking the NO eXplode weightlifting supplement.

– Felt pumped and focused while in the gym. Made me want to lift.
– Was immediately able to crank out more sets with higher weight.
– Taste wasn’t bad.

– Became nauseas several times after taking it, even to the point of puking a couple times.
– Positive effects only lasted the first couple weeks. Didn’t notice much after that.
– Taste wasn’t good either.

There were quite a few people who said it gave them headaches and diarrhea in NO-Xplode reviews I read before buying it. However, I didn’t have either of those side effects.

I give it a 6/10 because it did its job at first by making me feel focused and pumped in the gym (although I didn’t exactly “explode” as they say), but it only lasted a couple weeks before I didn’t feel anything after taking it, and several times it made me feel sick.

Do I recommend NO-Xplode?

Overall I would say yes I do but not for anyone looking for a supplement to take on a long-term regular basis. It is something that I might recommend as a crossfit preworkout supplement to be taken in intervals. I’d say most people will probably build up a tolerance, or even immunity, to the effects of NO-Xplode after just 1 or 2 tubs so don’t plan on taking it for very long.

One final note I want to add is that I do drink caffeine quite a bit so that might have been part of the reason NO-Xplode didn’t work wonders for me. I can’t say for sure but I am guessing it was at least somewhat responsible for me building a tolerance so quickly.

Alright, that’s my review of NO-Xplode. Take it or leave it!

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What is a ponzi scheme, you ask? The basic definition of a ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying very high returns to investors out of the money paid in by other new investors, rather than out of the profits from a real business. It is named after Charles Ponzi who conned thousands of people into investing in a scheme he dreamed up back in the 1920s.

What is the difference between a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme?

Ponzi schemes have many similarities to pyramid schemes and many people use the terms interchangeably. Just like a ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme is a form of fraud relying on false financial information, including the promise of an extremely high rate of return, but they do have some differences…

In a ponzi scheme, the scam artist acts as “base” for the victims, interacting with all of them directly. In a pyramid scheme, those who recruit additional participants benefit directly and failure to recruit usually means they make no money and get no other real benefits.

A Ponzi scheme claims to rely on some hidden, restricted, or insider investment approach and often attracts investors who have money to spend. Pyramid schemes are open to the fact that money from new recruits will be the source of payout for the initial investors.

A pyramid scheme will typically collapse much faster because of the necessity of exponential increases in participants to sustain it. However, ponzi schemes can survive a long time simply by persuading most existing participants to reinvest their money, so a relatively small number of new participants are needed.

Needless to say, you want to stay away from both ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. It’s easy to get sucked in to the promise of huge returns and fast money, but most people end up losing a lot of money and everyone loses in the end. A real business will give you a quality product or service for your money so you are getting something even without bringing in more people.

There are plenty of real and legitimate internet businesses you can join to make money online so don’t get caught up in a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. Do some research before giving your money to any business and you might save yourself a lot of headaches in the end.

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Have you ever wondered what’s packed underneath the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console’s sleek jet black design? Now’s your chance to take a peek for yourself!

The PlayStation 3 Console’s Cell Microprocessor, with its streamlined design, is perhaps the hardware’s most important artificial brain, the strength in floating point kernels, as of today, is still unrivaled. The brainchild of STI (Sony, Toshiba and IBM), it is the newest microprocessor technology and it allows data flow on several instances. For example; when one core is exclusively guiding the main sprite, the other core for the environmental special effects and another core could work to deliver the most realistic ballistics on projectiles. The PlayStation 3 console’s cell microprocessor engine is clocked at 3.2GHz having 1PPE and 7SPEs

The Blu-ray Media Format – the technology Blu-ray has already been licensed by Sony, meaning their games will be running on optical drives that support this cutting edge format as well as DVD and VCD formats. This is needed for a system so intricate in detail that it has been rumored that Metal Gear Solid 4 not only takes visuals as experience but also the other senses. Sonic booms from nearby explosions are among the added factor. And for that a Blu-ray technology with its storage capacity of 50GB is needed.

The RSX GPU (Reality Synthesizer, Graphics Processing Unit) definitely plays a more critical role in the Sony PlayStation 3 game experience. This RSX GPU is co-developed by NVIDIA for Sony, and NVIDIA, whose familiarity in making graphics chips is well established and deserves an acclaim for bringing realistic cutting edge graphics of PlayStation 3 console titles such as Fight Night: Round 3.

The Online Experience with the PlayStation 3 console has also been equipped to deliver the ever increasing demands of online gaming, with its PlayStation Network. It is a free service where every PlayStation 3 console gets to connect automatically. And whether it is for online gaming using the Xfire Client or just downloading media and demos from the community site, all is there for just the reason of a functionality that allows users to choose a game of their preference as well as a preview of the next big game. Another perk of the site is the availability of past PlayStation titles (1 & 2) for download prices around $10 – $15 each.

All these new technologies made the Sony PlayStation 3 console well ahead of the competition. Perhaps another line will be written next time but at this moment, the Xbox 360 just really can’t compete, much less the Wii, with the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. It’s fairly expensive compared to the other two but that’s expected, and the price will surely come down. And a great part of having a PlayStation 3 console is the already present crop of good games available.

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