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This post contains information of a sexual nature ( i.e. fellatio, giving head, blowjobs, oral sex) so if you are under the age of 18 or are easily offended then please stop reading right now.

Expert Blow Job Tips

Learning how to give head is something almost every female (or gay male) is interested in doing so they can be better at pleasing their men, or just enjoy doing it for their own satisfaction. If you don’t know how to give head or simply aren’t very good at it then you need to read this post. By the time you are done reading this you will definitely know how to give a blow job and you will be VERY good at doing it!

Many women think that giving head it something they do only with their mouths and that is simply not true. Yes, the mouth is the most enjoyable part for a man getting a blow job, but almost every man will enjoy it even more if you use your hands while you are giving him head.

Your hands allow you to cover his entire penis and apply as much pressure as necessary to make him really excited. You should use both hands and keep them wet, warm and close to his penis at all times. Wrap your hands around his penis and gently stroke up and down at the same pace as your mouth. Keep the shaft of his penis nice and wet under your hands and it will feel to him like you are going deep throat even if you aren’t.

You can also have him sit or stand up so he can thrust his penis or move your head with his hands to show you exactly how he likes it. Remember, when you give head you are creating a simulated vagina with your mouth and hands.

Lying down is generally the preferred method of giving head. However, if you aren’t very comfortable while you are giving a blow job or learning how to give head, you can try sitting in a chair or on the end of your bed and let him stand in front of you. It will put you in a more comfortable position and most men love to be able to look down at you while you give them head.

Ok, now let’s really go a little deeper into how to give head. Here are 10 tips for giving a great blow job

1) Length of Time Doesn’t Really Matter

A blow job can pretty much last as long as you want it to. It just depends on the situation. If you want to give him head for a while then vary your speed and techniques. But if you are trying to get him off quickly then you will want to start slowly and quickly move up to a fast pace. Keep up the fast pace without slowing back down unless you want it to last longer.

2) Let Him Play With You

One of the best things you can do while you are giving head is to let him play with you. Turn your body so that your vagina and/or breasts are within his reach. Most guys love the act of playing with the girl while she is giving him head.

3) Moan, Hum, and Make Other Noises

When you give head, don’t forget to moan and make sounds while you slurp, lick and suck. Most guys love hearing you make noises. It’s part of the complete blow job experience.

4) Make Eye Contact

Most guys love when you look at them while giving them a blow job. They love for you to make eye contact while you are sucking them off. However, there are some guys who don’t like this so you do need to be sure to ask him what he likes before you do it. Part of learning how to give head is talking about what he likes and doesn’t like before you get started.

5) Put Your Lips Over Your Teeth

You do not want your teeth to touch the penis when you are giving head so make sure you put your lips over your teeth to make a protective seal between them and his penis. One of the most important things you should remember when learning how to give head or giving a great blow job is to never use your teeth!

6) Suck a Little Below the Head of His Penis

Most of the sensitivity in a penis is at the head, but to really give a great blowjob you have to make sure you suck down at least a couple inches below the top of the penis. This is how to give head with the most pleasure.

7) The Base of the Penis Isn’t Very Important

There isn’t much feeling at the bottom of a penis so you don’t really need to spend a lot of time there. You really want to concentrate on using your mouth on the head of his penis and a couple inches below the head. The rest of the shaft can be covered with your hands for extra pleasure but you don’t need to worry about the base as much.

8) Never Pull on His Balls

If the guy asks you to pull or tug or his balls when you are giving him head then go ahead and do it. But if he doesn’t tell you to do it then you should never do it. Most guys hate it. You can lick or suck them, cup them with your hands or massage them but be gentle.

9) Lick the Taint

The taint is the area of skin behind his genitals but before his rectum. For most guys it feels really good to have it licked or massaged, so it’s usually a good idea to do this while you give head. You will need to make sure you watch his body language as you start moving down to the taint because there are some guys who will not want you to go there. If he seems to be really enjoying it then keep going. If he seems uncomfortable then go back up and start sucking again.

10) Do Not Stop When He Starts to Ejaculate

A normal reaction of most women is to pull away when he starts to cum, but you shouldn’t do that. You should keep going for a few seconds after he begins to ejaculate. Slow down and soften up a little but definitely keep giving him head. This will help his orgasm to be much more intense and feel a lot better.

If you are giving him a blow job and really don’t want him to cum in your mouth then all you have to do is ask him to tell you when he is about to cum. Pull your mouth off his penis and continue giving him a hand job. This will allow you to keep going while avoiding getting any of his semen in your mouth.

Ok, that’s about all there is to giving a great blow job!

Some final things to remember are not to worry too much about learning how to give head. Just start going and enjoy it, he will enjoy it too. Keep the above tips in mind and you will be fine. Also, communication is a very big part of giving a great blow job. Ask him what he likes and doesn’t like when getting head. Most guys will be more than happy to tell you.

Still not satisfied? Want expert tips on giving incredible blow jobs? Here’s an all-inclusive guide for you from an Oprah featured relationship expert… Blow by Blow

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Are you asking yourself, how do I talk dirty to my boyfriend? If so, you are definitely not alone! There are thousands of girls wondering how to talk to dirty to their boyfriends right now. So, in this post I am going to give you some tips that will get you well on your way to talking dirty to your boyfriend.

Has this happened to you…

You and your boyfriend are in messing around in bed and he says, “Talk dirty to me!”

Wow! Now what do you do? You could get up and run out of the room but that’s not gonna help your relationship at all. You could quickly change the subject but that will probably ruin the mood and annoy him. Or you could say something dirty back to him that will get him super excited and ready to go!

Knowing what to say is the key to talking dirty. It comes from being comfortable with yourself, knowing what your partner wants and being well informed on the subject of dirty talk.

The first thing you want to remember is that talking dirty to your boyfriend isn’t something you just do at any time. You want it to be at the right moment when your boyfriend is in the mood or when you want to get him in the mood. Don’t talk dirty just because you thought it sounded fun to do. If dirty talk isn’t done right then it could kill the mood and maybe even cause problems in your sex life.

Many women want to know what the best way to talk dirty to my boyfriend or husband is. They want to know what to say and when to say it. Well, the truth is that there are a lot of great ways to talk dirty to your boyfriend. The best place is obviously in bed when things are starting to heat up or when you are already going hot and heavy. A couple other good places are in the shower or in a public place where he really might not be expecting it.

Next you want to remember that whether you’re saying something sensual and sexy, making a dirty comment, or sharing a fantasy or fetish, you don’t want your dirty talk to sound forced. Just share the sexual thoughts that pop into your head rather than trying to think of something good to say. And you don’t need to talk dirty to your boyfriend the entire session or every time you’re having sex or messing around.

If you’re nervous about talking dirty you can always start by saying something simple a few times to get the feel for it and calm your nerves. Tell your boyfriend that you like the way he’s touching you or tell him something you like that he does. Compliment something he does sexually or tell him what you want him to do to you. You will probably find that telling him your desires and what you like will end up making the sex much more enjoyable and intense for you and your boyfriend.

If you really just can’t think of anything to say you can always let him take the lead by asking what he wants to do to you or what you should do to him. Guys are usually more than willing to give some direction and talk dirty. Then all you have to do is follow his lead and respond with some dirty talk of your own. After a few sessions like this you will have mastered how to talk dirty to your boyfriend.

Here are some more things to keep in mind if you are timid or shy about talking dirty to your boyfriend:

* Don’t be nervous about it because only you and your boyfriend can hear you and he will love it.

* The more comfortable you get, the better you will be. Just let go of your shyness. Your sex life with your boyfriend should be hot and spicy.

* If you think you are a “good girl” and shouldn’t do things like talk dirty then remember that it has nothing to do with you being good or bad. It’s simply making your sex life more fulfilling for both you and your boyfriend.

* Talking dirty to your boyfriend will make him hornier and want you even more. This is especially true if he asked for it. And it will probably make you feel sexier and hornier because you are seeing your boyfriend enjoy himself more from your dirty talk.

* Making love is best when you totally let go and give yourself to the other person. Learning how to talk dirty and doing it for your boyfriend is part of making sex a more joyful experience for both of you.

Now you know how to talk dirty to your boyfriend. It’s time to try it out! The next time he asks you to talk dirty you will be ready and willing. Or you could just surprise him the next time you two are having a little adult play time. He will love you for it and you will find your sex life getting even better.

Need more tips and advice on talking dirty? I highly recommend this guide:
Dirty Dialogue: A Good Girl’s Guide To Being Bad

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