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Although a compound bow is designed with a serviceable arrow shelf on which the arrow may be launched the key with shooting accurately can come down to the control applied to the arrow at launch. Consequently there are a number of different types of arrow rests that have been designed to give the shooter the edge.

Although they are all designed to help start the arrow on the straightest and most accurate path to the target, there are a number of different ways in which the rest can operate giving the shooter a choice that will help fine tune their compound bow set up.

A drop away arrow rest, which is sometimes also referred to as a fall away arrow rest, provides a sturdy rest that consist of a couple of prongs that can be micro-adjusted to zero right in on the target. At the moment the bowstring is released the rest drops down and out of the way of the arrow and it’s fletching, timing it so the arrow is allowed to fly free.

A containment arrow rest is a little different in that the arrow is completely surrounded by the frame of the arrow rest. The advantage of using this type of rest, particularly for the hunter, is that once the arrow is fitted into the rest it will remain secure while moving about. Most containment rests are designed so that the arrow is able to pass completely through without any part touching the sides. However, there is the possibility that the vanes could become frayed if they don’t completely clear the rest or if using larger vanes.

A shoot-through arrow rest is designed with a couple of prongs that are spaced apart and are forced down and out of the way by the momentum of the arrow. Alternatively they are designed to allow the arrow vanes to pass by while providing slight movement to let them pass. These arrow rests are usually the simplest to install and are also some of the cheapest rests available.

The final type of arrow rests that should be mentioned among the others are those that are known as pressure rests. These arrow rests are designed to be used by finger release shooters who require an arrow rest that limits the amount of horizontal oscillation that takes place.

In many cases the arrow rest that you choose will be the result of trial and error testing. It does not necessarily follow that the most expensive or most elaborate looking arrow will be the one that will suit your shooting style or the arrows that you use. Find an arrow rest, tune it and then, most importantly, use it.

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Here are the first BCS standings for the 2009 NCAA football season…

1. Florida (6-0)

2. Alabama (7-0)

3. Texas (6-0)

4. Boise State (6-0)

5. Cincinnati (6-0)

6. Iowa (7-0)

7. USC (5-1)

8. TCU (6-0)

9. LSU (5-1)

10. Miami, FL (5-1)

11. Oregon (5-1)

12. Georgia Tech (6-1)

13. Penn State (6-1)

14. Virginia Tech (5-2)

15. Oklahoma State (5-1)

16. BYU (6-1)

17. Houston (5-1)

18. Utah (5-1)

19. Ohio State (5-2)

20. Pittsburgh (6-1)

21. Wisconsin (5-2)

22. Arizona (4-2)

23. West Virginia (5-1)

24. South Carolina (5-2)

25. Kansas (5-1)

My favorite team – The Iowa Hawkeyes – come in at #6 in the first BCS standings. Hopefully they keep winning and their BCS ranking rises to possibly playing for a national championship this year!

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Every fall the NCAA football teams of the Iowa State Cyclones and the Iowa Hawkeyes play each other in the most important game of any sport in the state of Iowa. This is the Cy-Hawk Trophy and gives bragging rights for about half the state each year. We don’t have a NFL football team or any other real professional team in any sport, so this is the biggest game we have to look forward to each year.

It’s a life or death rivalry where you must pick a side whether you like football or not. Friends become enemies, families turn on each other, and the entire state is in utter chaos!

Okay, so I may have exaggerated just a bit above, but really it is pretty close to being like that.

Personally, I am a diehard Hawkeyes fan — always have been and always will be.

I wrote this post to show all the ISU fans, who every year try to argue that ISU is better than Iowa, that they are completely crazy!

So, here are some facts for all the Cyclones fans to consider…

* In the 10 most recent games between the two teams (2007-2016) Iowa has won overall with a combined score of 264-144. So, even on the years that ISU does win, it is normally by a slim margin compared to the typical blowouts by Iowa.

* Iowa has roughly double the wins versus Iowa State in the historical head-to-head series between the two football teams. Right now they lead the all-time series 42–22.

* Iowa has made nearly 300 appearances in the AP poll over 40+ seasons, including more than 100 weeks in the top 10, and appeared in 25+ bowl games in the modern era. ISU? Not even close enough to make it worth posting their numbers!

* National championships = Iowa 1, ISU 0.

* ISU has only had around 100 players ever drafted to the NFL versus around 250 NFL players from Iowa.

* Heisman trophy winners = Iowa 1, ISU 0.

* Consensus All-Americans = Iowa 20, ISU 3.

* The Cyclones have over 100 less wins than the Hawks all-time. ISU also has an overall losing record and the Hawks have an overall winning record.

* Kinnick Stadium (Hawks) holds around 71,000 people and ranks as one of the 20 largest college owned stadiums in the nation. It’s also consistently ranked one of the top 25 loudest stadiums in the country.

Those are the facts! Nobody can tell me (honestly) that the Cyclones are better than the Hawkeyes. There’s a reason why they call Iowa the “Hawkeye State” folks!

Note: This was last updated on 9/8/16 so depending on when you read it, the numbers presented above may have changed a little, but I think the overall picture is quite clear!

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I just finished my first tub of BSN NO-Xplode and here is my review of it so far…

First of all, let me say that I am no rookie to weight lifting or to supplements. I started lifting weights when I was in Junior High School, which is coming up on 25 years, and I bought my first supplement just a few years later, so probably about 20 years ago. That was before Creatine even became popular!

Anyway, I wanted to clear that up in case you were wondering if this NO-Xplode review is from a seasoned veteran or a rookie.

Here are a few of the things I experienced while taking the NO eXplode weightlifting supplement.

– Felt pumped and focused while in the gym. Made me want to lift.
– Was immediately able to crank out more sets with higher weight.
– Taste wasn’t bad.

– Became nauseas several times after taking it, even to the point of puking a couple times.
– Positive effects only lasted the first couple weeks. Didn’t notice much after that.
– Taste wasn’t good either.

There were quite a few people who said it gave them headaches and diarrhea in NO-Xplode reviews I read before buying it. However, I didn’t have either of those side effects.

I give it a 6/10 because it did its job at first by making me feel focused and pumped in the gym (although I didn’t exactly “explode” as they say), but it only lasted a couple weeks before I didn’t feel anything after taking it, and several times it made me feel sick.

Do I recommend NO-Xplode?

Overall I would say yes I do but not for anyone looking for a supplement to take on a long-term regular basis. It is something that I might recommend as a crossfit preworkout supplement to be taken in intervals. I’d say most people will probably build up a tolerance, or even immunity, to the effects of NO-Xplode after just 1 or 2 tubs so don’t plan on taking it for very long.

One final note I want to add is that I do drink caffeine quite a bit so that might have been part of the reason NO-Xplode didn’t work wonders for me. I can’t say for sure but I am guessing it was at least somewhat responsible for me building a tolerance so quickly.

Alright, that’s my review of NO-Xplode. Take it or leave it!

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Week 1 – SEP 14 – 7:00 PM (ET)
Buffalo at New England
San Diego at Oakland – 10:15 PM

Week 2 – SEP 21 – 8:30 PM
Indianapolis at Miami

Week 3 – SEP 28 – 8:30 PM
Carolina at Dallas

Week 4 – OCT 5 – 8:30 PM
Green Bay at Minnesota

Week 5 – OCT 12 – 8:30 PM
New York Jets at Miami

Week 6 – OCT 19 – 8:30 PM
Denver at San Diego

Week 7 – OCT 26 – 8:30 PM
Philadelphia at Washington

Week 8 – NOV 2 – 8:30 PM
Atlanta at New Orleans

Week 9 – NOV 9 – 8:30 PM
Pittsburgh at Denver

Week 10 – NOV 16 – 8:30 PM
Baltimore at Cleveland

Week 11 – NOV 23 – 8:30 PM
Tennessee at Houston

Week 12 – NOV 30 – 8:30 PM
New England at New Orleans

Week 13 – DEC 7 – 8:30 PM
Baltimore at Green Bay

Week 14 – DEC 14 – 8:30 PM
Arizona at San Francisco

Week 15 – DEC 21 – 8:30 PM
New York Giants at Washington

Week 16 – DEC 28 – 8:30 PM
Minnesota at Chicago

That’s your NFL Monday Night Football Schedule for 2009.

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