For some reason one of the hottest searches on Google today is, “Why is Milk White?” I guess a lot of people want to know why milk is white. So, I am going to give you the answer to the question why is milk white?

Here is why milk is white…

The main reason why milk is white is because it contains a protein called Casein that is white. Casein is rich in calcium and helps contribute to the white color of milk.

The cream that is found in milk, which contains white colored fat, is also part of the reason why milk is white. The more cream in the milk the more white it will be. Low-fat and non-fat milk tend to appear more grayish instead of white because they have less cream in them.

And another reason why milk is white when humans look at it with our naked eyes is because milk reflects light instead of absorbing it. When something is colored blue it’s because it reflects only blue light and absorbs the other colors of light in the rainbow spectrum.

That’s why milk is white. Now if anyone ever asks you, “Why is Milk White?” you will know the answer.